Evaluate IsoLED headlights for 15 days!

IsoLux has manufactured surgical headlights since 2003. We have developed many options, yet always focus on high CRI light and clean, edge to edge, spot illumination. The headlight a surgeon chooses must perform to their exact needs and meet the requirements of the surgery or procedure they’ll be performing.  IsoLux’s options offer better tissue rendition & more convenient illumination than the competition. IsoLux Headlights always lead to better outcomes.

Surgeons may evaluate IsoLED surgical headlights for up to 15 days without risk or obligation. The Evaluation Program is available in the U.S. and Canada only.

To receive a no-risk evaluation of our headlight, complete our evaluation form and include a no-charge PO number. We will respond upon receiving your request to answer questions and provide vendor set-up information.

We will fund the outgoing shipping, and the customer funds the return shipping costs.

Request an Evaluation

To receive more details regarding our no-risk 15-day trial, complete our evaluation form. We will respond to your request to answer questions and provide information to complete your evaluation.