Optilux Illuminator Headlight IL-2386

The Optilux unit is a solid state source of white light intended to be used in Fiber Optic Cable applications. Its lack of Ultraviolet (UV) radiation and Infrared radiation (IR), allows for additional uses in cases where UV or IR radiation is not permitted

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Optimal Efficiency

Briliant color rendition

Adjustable Light Intensity

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Built without compromise

The OptiLux is an LED device well suited for several platforms. It utilizes a single large area LED chip, custom collection optics that brilliantly couple light into 3- to 6mm fiber optic bundles, a heat sink and fan, linear intensity control and an AC power supply. The OptiLux was developed to replace older technologies; specifically halogen and metal halide lamps and their associated problems with changes in color temperature due to intensity setting and age. The new LED device also eliminates the life and safety disposal issues with the passé mercury lamps.

Light intensity >3,000 Lumens

LED Life >50 hours

 Color temperature  5,500K

Color Rendition Index (CRI) 96 Typical

Input AC Range 100 to 240 VAC @ 50 to 60 Hz.

 Input Power 80 watts Typical

Dimming Range Electronic >10 to 1

Color Temperature

5,500 K


9.0 lbs


Light Output @ 12″

50K Lux


5.75” H x 7” W x 11” D

CRI (Color Rendition Index)

96 Typical

Operating Humidity

20 to 93 % non-condensing

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