IsoLED Mini LED Headlight

Lightweight Mini LED Headlight allows for Infinite mobility with a battery pack that lasts over 10 hours.




Attached to safety glasses:


Attached to head set:


*Price does not include the loupes pictured

Optimal Efficiency

Briliant color rendition

Adjustable Light Intensity

Select your headlight option:

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Built without compromise

The high efficiency design allows for reduced energy consumption and reduced cost of ownership (around 1/3 of halogen lamps), while its 40,000 hour of LED life provides for a free maintenance device with an end life of around 20 years.

Light weight, less than one ounce
Fits to safety glasses or loupes
Battery life over 10 hours
Intensity variable from 3-100% to reduce eye strain
CRI more than 90 to give the best tissue rendition
Comes with a carrying case for easy transport
24,000 Lux @ 300mm

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Product Specifications

LED Life

> Over 40,000 Hours


Headlight 23 grams

Battery pack 190 grams


> 22,000 LUXX at 30 cm

Working Distance

12” to 24”

Color Temperature

4000 º K

Size (control unit/battery pack)

4.25” x 2.7” x 1.1”

Spot size

60 mm @ 300 mm working distance

Electrical Power

14.4 volts Battery Pack (4 x 3.7 cells) rechargeable ion lithium batteries – 2.6 A-Hour Capacity

CRI (Color Rendition Index)

92 Typical

Normal Recharge Time

3.6 hrs

Intensity Range

3% to 100%

Minimum Operating Time

8 hours of continuous operation at the maximum light intensity

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